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Real History, Real Experiance

Currently, SER provides Environmental Solid Waste Services for a population of approximately 1 Million Americans with goals to increase services going forward. We have approximately 400 employees and collect over 2,000 tons of MSW, Curbside Recycling and Green Waste daily across many geographical locations.

Our expertise and hard work is adding value across many geographical areas currently, and will continue to positively impact communities as our services are extended to more cities, counties, and States.

SER Benefits

  • Divert Up-To 80% of All the Existing Waste Stream
  • Green Job Creation! Up to 100 Net Employment Opportunities
  • Local Construction and Planning Jobs
  • Multi-Million Dollar Private Investments
  • Establish Profitable Revenue Sharing Programs
  • The SER Global Commodities Network
  • Stabilize Tip Fees Through Processing
  • Education & Promotion of Recycling
  • Being Good Stewards of the Environment

There are no real problems, just solutions we have not found yet...

President SER

Lets make trash today into revenue for tomorrow...

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